Am I an introvert?


The following is a list of characteristics which are often shared by introverts – the more that apply, the more introverted you probably are. Of course, no two introverts will be the same and our personalities do change over the years, so not all of these characteristics will resonate with you at any given time.

If you are an introvert, it is likely that you:

  • like to think before you speak or act
  • dread having to make small talk
  • keep your feelings and ideas close to your chest
  • enjoy solitary activities
  • prefer to focus on one thing at a time
  • are very cautious
  • feel quickly drained in social situations
  • like to observe what’s going on around you
  • often prefer to express yourself in writing rather than verbally
  • like to reflect on questions or things that have happened
  • prefer to have a small number of close friends rather than lots of acquaintances
  • like to understand things in depth
  • want to be on your own when you’re really tired
  • prefer one-to-one conversations than talking in a group
  • avoid conflict and tend to take things personally
  • listen more than you speak, particularly in groups
  • are able to concentrate on one thing for long periods
  • usually have a lot going on in your head
  • find it difficult to think straight when there’s a lot going on around you
  • are soft-spoken

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