Web resources

This page contains a list of useful web resources of interest to introverts. As this website is aimed primarily at UK audiences, I have deliberately focused on UK-based websites, even though most of them are not actually UK-specific. Of course there are a huge number of US-based websites as well and I have listed some of the main ones at the end.

UK Websites


Andy Mort



Andy Mort is a UK-based musician, writer and podcaster. He is also an introvert and highly sensitive person (HSP).


Blog and podcast focused on helping introverts and HSPs to make a creative impact on the world without getting overwhelmed. It also hosts a members-only online community, The Haven, available by paid subscription - this includes exclusive access to monthly interviews and articles as well as a private Facebook group.

Introverted Leadership Toolkit



Dr Judy Curson, a UK NHS leader, developed the toolkit with Cassy Taylor as part of a research project funded by the South Central Strategic Health Authority and the Welsh Government, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Southampton in May 2011.


An online toolkit for introverted leaders and those who coach and manage them. The toolkit explores the strengths and challenges of introverted leaders based on responses given in questionnaires and interviews with approximately 40 UK senior leaders (see also related article). Judy Curson also runs a LinkedIn group for introverted leaders wishing to connect with each other.

US Websites


Quiet Revolution



Author and speaker Susan Cain is probably the best known of all the US introvert revolutionaries. Her book Quiet is a worldwide bestseller and her TED talk continues to be one of the most viewed ever.


A global online community which grew out of the huge popular response to Quiet, Quiet Rev's mission is 'to unlock the power of introverts for the benefit of us all'. With a large team behind it, Quiet Rev produces new content on a daily basis including articles on wide-ranging topics as well as the personal stories of inspring adult and teenage introverts round the world. It also works with partners in key fields to promote the introvert cause more widely.

The Introvert Entrepreneur



Beth Buelow is a US author, speaker and professional coach focusing on introvert entrepreneurs as her niche market. Her most recent book is also called The Introvert Entrepreneur.


Essentially this is Beth's own business website, promoting her personal and professional development services for introvert entrepreneurs. But it also contains a huge wealth of free resources including over 100 podcast interviews with leading introvert entrepreneurs as well as articles, useful tools and links to the websites of all the other key introvert revolutionaries in the US.