The Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford


Nutrition is so often overlooked as being one of the crucial factors affecting energy levels. Of course, this is especially significant for introverts given that we have to work so hard to keep our energy levels high anyway. So it really is worth making the effort to read this.

Patrick Holford’s book is a comprehensive compendium of everything you will ever need to know about health and nutrition. There is a chapter dedicated to improving energy levels but really everything in the book is relevant.

It would be impossible to take on board all the advice in this book – the mind boggles to think what Patrick Holford’s daily living routine must be like! But understanding what different foods actually do to your body, short and long-term, was enough to get me making small, but significant, changes to my eating habits. In my mind, there is no question that my physical energy levels have improved as a result and I no longer get those crushing energy slumps in the afternoon.

As a cautious introvert, I remain slightly sceptical about the extensive use of supplements advocated in the book – even if you could afford them all! – so I tended to skip over those bits and concentrate on the dietary information instead. That said though, I did eventually allow myself to be persuaded into taking a good multi-vitamin…

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