The power of introverts – Susan Cain, TED talk


Susan Cain has done more than anyone to bring introversion to the world’s attention, and this talk is part of the reason why. Passionate and inspiring, she draws upon the themes of her book Quiet to put the case for introverts in a world built around extroverts.

Like the book, her talk is eloquent, engaging and informative, and she conveys her important message with a personal conviction that I think surpasses the book in its simplicity and effectiveness. Despite the cultural differences, I think this talk will feel, for many introverts, like a shared experience with a kindred spirit, leaving you with a sense of being understood at last.

As a speaker, she embodies many of the attributes of a typical introvert – soft-spoken, measured, unassuming, insightful – while at the same time demonstrating the quiet, powerful leadership that introverts are capable of when we have the freedom to be ourselves, particularly when focused on a subject close to our heart. To this end, she finishes by skilfully uniting introverts and extroverts alike in a shared vision of mutual acceptance and respect.

This talk is a perfect introduction to understanding what being an introvert is all about and why we should value introvert skills. Definitely a must to watch.

(19 mins)


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