Quiet Impact: How to Be a Successful Introvert by Slyvia Loehken


Quiet Impact is a best-selling management book – a ‘how to’ guide for career-minded introverts, focusing on communication and success in the business world. It is a welcome acknowledgement that introverts often find moving up the career ladder more difficult and is full of practical tips on how to be successful whilst still remaining true to your introvert self.

The book’s clear, concise structure makes it easily accessible and a relatively quick read. The first part is a general overview of what being an introvert actually means – particularly helpful is Loehken’s description of 10 core introvert strengths and how to make the most of them, followed by 10 key obstacles introverts face and how to overcome them. There is a short section on the private life of introverts though this is really too brief to be anything other than a superficial look.

The real focus of the book is on leadership and management strategies in the workplace and it is refreshing to see a book on this subject approached from a uniquely introvert perspective. The sections on successful networking, negotiating, public speaking and managing business meetings assume a certain level of responsibility already and therefore may not be so useful for the general reader. However, for current or aspiring managers, there is plenty of helpful advice in this book.

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