Personality Type – An Owner’s Manual by Lenore Thomson


This book is an in-depth exploration of personality types (16 of them), as used in the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI), developed from Carl Jung’s original theory of psychological types.

Its central premise is a noble one, i.e. enabling you to make the most of your potential by understanding yourself better through identifying your personality type. It has a couple of excellent chapters specifically on the differences between introversion and extroversion which I found very insightful and illuminating, and other perspectives on both are interwoven throughout the book. The book is well-written and uses lots of examples from popular culture to illustrate the points clearly.

Having intended only to dip into this book initially, I found it had a fascination which drew me into wanting to read more and more. However, the nuances of the interplay between the different elements of each type are immensely complicated and in the end I gave up trying to understand it fully and began to question the usefulness of such an in-depth approach to personality analysis. Maybe there are simpler ways to find out what makes you tick.That said, there is still a lot of good stuff in this book.

So, if you have a particular interest in MBTI then this book could really add depth to your understanding. If not, then still useful just to dip into. I’m an INFJ by the way…

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