Introvert Power by Laurie Helgoe


I loved this book – it felt like much of it could have been written especially for me, despite the author being American (of course) and from a very different world to me.

Written from the perspective of a psychologist and extreme introvert, this book is an honest and intelligent account of what it really means to be an introvert, in all our diversity, and what happens when you have the courage to defy social (extrovert) conventions to accept and nurture your own introvert needs. Her writing is warm, funny, inspiring and feels like an intimate conversation with a trusted friend.

But this book is no self-indulgent confessional. It simply seeks to look behind the smoke and mirrors that many introverts hide behind and marvel at what we really are. It also challenges us to acknowledge how much we, as introverts, play our part in perpetuating the introvert stereotype and the dominance of extroversion in our culture by not being honest about our introvert preferences. Just like any ‘outing’, however, this is easier said than done, so the book offers lots of useful ideas about how we can start.

Personally, I think this book is just as good as Susan Cain’s Quiet, albeit in a very different way. So read both of them together and you’ve probably got introversion covered!

Click the link to view this book on Amazon Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength


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