Confessions of a passionate introvert – Brian Little, TEDx talk


Prof Brian Little is a Canadian psychologist, much loved by his students for his entertaining and memorable lectures. This talk is no exception and he takes an obvious delight in engaging and entertaining his audience. A real extrovert you would think – except that he’s an introvert.

He uses his own example to demonstrate how good some introverts are at passing for extroverts in certain situations whilst at the same time reminding us that just because you can act like an extrovert, it doesn’t mean you are one.

He explains really clearly the main difference between introverts and extroverts, i.e. the level of stimulation we need for our brain to function well – and gives lots of amusing examples to illustrate the effect this has on our respective behaviours. He warns against the dangers of denying your introvertedness and shows why, and how, it is possible to ‘extrovert’ when required without compromising your introvert personality.

So by the end of this video, you will definitely have a much better idea of what the terms introvert and extrovert really mean and how to spot fellow introverts, possibly even ‘pseudo-extrovert’ introverts like Brian Little. Well worth 18 minutes of your time.

(18 minutes)



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