Inspiring Introverts interview: Cat Rose

  • Who are you?

I’m the (ginger) creative introvert! I spend my days helping fellow creatives – artists, writers, illustrators… who struggle with getting their work out into the world and actually seen!

  • When did you first discover you are an introvert?

A friend told me! I was discussing my love for the first hour of parties and events, but how my ‘batteries’ seemed to wear out rather quickly – resulting in me wanting to make a bolt for the door, and be at home in my pj’s!

He explained that my introversion was less to do with how outgoing or confident I was, and more about the energy I receive from my environment.

  • What difference did this make to your life?

For one, I stopped feeling guilty about wanting to leave social events earlier than most people. I started to give myself the permission to leave when I felt necessary, and give myself time alone after any big social activities, in order to fully recharge.

It also helped me understand people who were in a similar boat, and gave me the urge to help them make the most of their personality type and actually use it to their advantage.

  • Which of your introvert traits/strengths are you most fond of?

Ooh so many! Well for one, I love how resilient it makes me. It allows me to do things on my own, because I want to (for example, I love travelling solo) and without depending on others to accompany me.

I love that it makes me a good listener, because it means I learn so much.

I love that it helps me make good decisions – I think things through carefully (usually!) and that seems to have resulted in a lot of great things happening!

  • What is the main challenge you face as an introvert?

As a freelance creative, particularly when I was trying to spread the word about my illustration business, I really struggled with talking about what I did.

Networking events, and just generally talking about myself were huge hurdles I had to drag myself over.

I learnt a lot from that experience though, and even though these things don’t come naturally to me, I’ve found other ways to get my work out to the people who contribute most to my success.

  • What are your top tips for being a contented introvert?

Find a community of likeminded intro’s who you can be yourself around. It’s about embracing who you are, not what the world is trying to box you into.

Also, to take some time finding your strengths, and focus on them. If something is challenging, don’t ignore it, think creatively to overcome it using your strengths.

  • What/who inspires you?

Adversity. When things get challenging, when life doesn’t go as planned: I see these things as opportunities for growth. I get excited about what lies on the other side. It feels a lot like the adrenaline of waiting in line to go on a rollercoaster 😉

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